Company Profile

We have studied the crypto-currency, “Ethereum” and have developed the product which treats digital assets.

Ethereum is well-designed to deal with digital assets and it is gathering much attention from digital currency market.

Also, in dealing with digital assets, it is necessary to manage contracts associated with asset transfer.

By automating contracts using the technology of Smart Contract, we aim to expand our business at a very low cost.

In order to make economic activities more active by applying the concept of Smart Contract for various fields, we expand business using Ethereum and Smart Contract.


Ethereum is a blockchain which Ethereum Foundation is taking its lead.

Ethereum issues the inner currency, Ether, and the currency has the second largest market capitalization in the market, following Bitcoin, as of April, 2017.

Also, Ethereum is designed to become standard of Smart Contract development and has following features.

Solid coding

Public key encryption system is adopted. A signature by publisher’s private key is necessary for issuing transaction.


It’s working by distributed network which doesn’t require central management. Network participants maintain a blockchain and build consensus.

Immutable data management

Once transaction data is written on a blockchain, it cannot be tampered with.

Program retention & executability

You can retain the code of the program on a blockchain. A retained program is called contract and it can continue to operate in a distributed network.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is technology that uses the Ethereum’s features.

Especially it makes the most use of the point that program code can be managed and executed on a blockchain.

Who, when, what, and how.

It writes such contents of contracts above programmatically and manage them on a blockchain.

When conditions of contract activation met, a program will automatically execute a contract.


Consensus, Mining of whether or not conditions are met is done on a blockchain.

People who build the consensus will acquire, mine new Ether as a reward.


Contents of contracts can be viewed by anyone in the world, which guarantees high transparency.

A simple smart contract diagram is presented below.


I’m a person who wants to sell juice. I describe a contract exchanging ownership of Ether and juice then I place the contract on a blockchain. Now, I just need to line up juice at shop front and wait for a buyer.


You’re a person who wants to buy juice. You will pay 1 Ether to the contract on a blockchain and you will acquire ownership of one juice. Then you go to the shop and just call out, “I have ownership of juice” and win 1 juice.


Here is a store where juice is lined up. We will give one to the person with the ownership.


It’s Ethereum’s blockchain. It manages contracts for juice sale and determine if Ether has been paid.

Distributed applications (Dapps)

Ethereum is also called world computer.

From the features above, anyone in the world can share programs(Smart Contracts)and data described on the Ethereum’s blockchain.

Therefore, by using Ethereum’s Smart Contract, it becomes possible to build distributed applications (Dapps) that doesn’t require a central administrator.


The concept of Smart Contract itself is not brand new. A system in which you can get juice by putting money, that is, a vending machine is also one of Smart Contracts. But if you can execute contract to exchange money and goods without administrators, what kind of work will be lost and what kind of work will be born?

We will apply technology handling Smart Contract to wider and more familiar areas. Crypto-currency is just a means to do it. As though we drive without knowing interior wiring in cars, Crypto-currency and smart contract technology is in fact used for paying daily products we buy. We will continue our business aiming for such technological revolution.

Above all, anyone can easily join economic activities no matter whether it’s crossing a border or in a small scale by using the feature of Crypto-currency. We hope to contribute to development of various countries as well as Japan.

Representative Director

Yuma Okuda

He entered Kwansei Gakuin University, School of Economics, in 2009 and majored in macroeconomics. He studied structure of goods market and money market mainly on the IS / LM model.

In addition to the fact he got interested in the inside of application for some time, he got influenced from his older brother who had already worked in IT industry, and after having graduated from university, he worked for Central Computer Co., Ltd. as a system engineer.

After employment, he experienced IT infrastructure building and Web application development, he got engaged as a development team leader in a new development project on power business system for electric power liberalization in 2016. From the beginning of the project to system official opening, He completed the 2 years’ development project successfully.

At the same time he took office as the executive officer of the Central Computer Labor Union Headquarters and was studying promoting female success in IT engineering and correcting overtime work and was in charge of negotiating with the company side.

When he was at the company and worked on the company’s fee calculation system, he found the word, Fintech. As he had studied economics at university, he got fascinated with ” Crypto-currency ” which realizes currency itself with IT technology, and started his research. He got particularly interested in the mechanism of blockchain which can realize the management of transaction data at a very low cost.

Aspiring to apply blockchain technology to various fields, he retired from the company in 2016. Next year, on February 9th, 2017, bacoor Co., Ltd. was established and assumed office as Representative Director.

Besides that, he is an active classical guitarist in the Kansai region and performs mainly on works of Romantic to modern times.

He won the effort award (No. 4) at the 39th Guitar Music Award. At the 13th Japan Guitar Ensemble Festival Competition Division, he received the Gold Prize and Osaka Mayor Award as a member of the Quartet Group, “Underground Activity”.

Representative Director

Hiromitsu Fukuda

In 2009 he entered the department of pharmacy at Meiji Pharmaceutical University, majoring in life science drug discovery chemistry.

In 2015 he entered the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Tokyo and engaged in drug discovery research aiming at treatment of rare disease Niemann-Pick disease type C.

He got interested in the IT field since he learned programming for statistical analysis in the process of research.

Also, after having graduated from master’s degree, he worked as a system engineer at Consisting Co., Ltd., which was influenced by his father who likes PC, and engaged in development of real estate management system etc. at the company.

He got marveled at the thought of world computer, Ethereum and started his research.

He got attracted with Crypto-currency because of the following reasons. First, it is able to overcome borders. Second, it is very quick. Third, it can be sent to anyone. Lastly, it is remittable cheaply.

In addition, he got impressed with the fact that anyone can construct a novel and advanced system such as real estate asset transfer by using Smart Contract that is realized by blockchain technology of the company.

Aspiring to apply blockchain technology to various fields, he retired from the company in 2016. Next year, on February 9th, 2017, bacoor Co., Ltd. was established and assumed office as Representative Director.


会社名 バコオアー株式会社

代表取締役 奥田雄馬  福田寛充

所在地 〒564-0061 大阪府吹田市円山町4-23-507

Mail info@bacoor.co

創立 2017年2月9日

主な事業内容 スマートコントラクト事業、iOS及びAndroidのアプリケーション開発

従業員数 18人(取締役、社員、アルバイト)

Company Profile

Company name BACOOR INC.

President and COO Yuma Okuda   Hiromitsu Fukuda

Head Office  507, 4-23, Maruyamacho, Suitashi, Osaka, japan, 564-0061

Mail info@bacoor.co

Date of establishment  9, feb, 2017

Main Business Activities  Smart Contract Business, Application Development for iOS and Android

numbers of employees  18